Sunday, April 17, 2016

Apple Flowers is the uncommon flowers in the world

Apple flowers is the uncommon flowers in the world, but this is the really attractive and super 
beautiful flower in the Bangladeshi,India, Thailand, China and so on,Apple flowers mainly bloom in 
Bangladesh in autumn season.

Apple flower
Apple flowers color is white brown , size very very small,blooming season autumn ,smell very sweet 
and attractive,Apple flowers bangle name is ""জামরুল ফুল"" or Jamrul Flower.Apple flowers after 
some days create a very beautiful fruits ,this fruits have a two color one is white brown and another 
is white red , This fruits bangle name is ""জামরুল"' or Jamrul , and English Name is Love 

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Shulli Flower is the Most Beautiful Flower in the Winter Season in Bangladeshi

Winter season is very interesting season in Bangladeshi because most of people identify they are enjoyable  season of the winter time.The winter season main attractive flower is "Shulli Flower".Shulli Flower is the very charming and very enjoyable in the winter season. This flower looking very fantastic and super beautiful.Every people love this shulli flower.
Shulli Flowers is the winter Jasmine flower , This flowers have many name such as : English Name: Night-flowering Jasmine , Bangla Name: শিউলি ফুল / শেফালি ,Hindi Name: Parijat or also spelled Paarijat or Paarijaata Hindi another Name is : Harshringar.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Bakul phula or Mimusops Elengi is the most popular flower in the world .

Bakul phula is the most popular flower in the world.This flower are really attractive and super beautiful.Bakul phula or bangle name "বকুল ফুল" and botanic name Mimusops Elengi.This flower name is very sweet and hear is very interesting Bakul Full, Bakul Phula,Mimusops Elengi, or বকুল ফুল.
বকুল ফুল or Mimusops Elengi
Bakul Phula color is Brown and size is very small and bud is very small and look like Nuts .This flower flavor is so beautiful and super sweet.Bakul Phula bloom bangle season or month is kartik to Phalgun and blooming time every early morning.When Bakul full bloom then this flower provide good flavor and every night gives more flavor.

Bakul Phula mainly look in road side and village people house side. This flower tree is so large and wood is very hard and create a big wood tree.This flower tree gives us a shelter any harmful moment or any natural moment.Bakul Phula planted is very easy and simple way just dig the soil and plant the Bakul Phula tree and some time clear the any other tree and some time give the water.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Kamini Flower is the best beautiful flowers in the world

Kamini flower is the most beautiful flower  in the world.This flower mainly planted Asian country and Asian people known this flower Kamini Flower, English name is Murraya Paniculata, Bangle name is কামিনী ফুল.Kamini flowers local Name is mock orange,Chinese box,Orange jessamine, mock limesatinwood or Lakeview jasmine. Kanini Flower mainly created village place or village outside home such planted home font side,Kamini flower really looks very beautiful and this flower gives us a most beautiful sweet flavor that every people must like this flavor.

Kamini Flower

Kamini flower blooming time January to February last and mainly bloom in mid night and gives a so beautiful flavor some time village people called that this flower flavor is very high for that attract Snake and Snake comes to near this flower tree. Kamini flower color is pure white, size is small but Kamini flower bloom many in with.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Tuberose Flowers is the best flavor flower in the world

Tuberose Flowers,all people known this flower and they called this flowers "Rajonigandha flower" "Night blooming flower" or "রজনীগন্ধা ফুল" is Bangle name. Tuberose Flowers sound or talk rose but this is not a rose,it is really different from rose  and it looks different on rose.Tuberose Flowers looks like a stick and it very beautiful.
Tuberose Flowers
Tuberose Flowers mainly bloom in night and this time create heavy scent that every peoples touch their heart.This flower are so beautiful and every people love this flower.Tuberose Flower mainly blooming time is July and August .Tuberose Flower original color is pure white.Tuberose Flower planted in village field when this flower are planted then at first dig the soil and mixed the soil.