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Most Beautiful Flowers in the World

Most beautiful flowers in the world : We know that in the world have a millions of beautiful flowers and i am trying to explain some most beautiful  flowers in the world. some attractive flowers are there, so any query any body jump and get the information on the most beautiful  flowers in the world.

Sun Flower in the world

Sun Flower mainly planted all over the world.This flower is so beautiful and nice.Sun Flower is very helpful flower this flower create healthy oil  that using all over the world country people.Mainly this flower create massage Oil that helped the people body and head.Sun flower name in Bangladesh "Surjjo Muki Full" and world's people give this flower name is "Sun Flower".
Sun FLower
Sun Flower is the very beautiful and charming and very popular.Every body know this flower and love this flower.Sun Flower mainly planted  every country and village.This flower mainly planted in Bangladesh village area that created village farmer.Sun Flower is the very necessary flower in the world people.This flower bloom every month in Bangladesh and imported this flower in the other country.

Dahlia Flower in Bangladesh

Dahlia Flower is very charming and attractive flower in world,This flower looking so beautiful and very nice every body love this flower and this flower mainly planted in filed and village or public house font.Dahlia  Flower name in the Bangladesh " DALIYA" and village people ask this flower "Dalia" Dahlia is the very beautiful and nice flower.
Dahlia Flower
A member of the Asteraceae (or Compositae), dicotyledonous plants, related species include the sunflower, daisy, chrysanthemum, and zinnia. There are 42 species of dahlia, with hybrids commonly grown as garden plants. Flower forms are variable, with one head per stem; these can be as small as 2 in (5.1 cm) diameter or up to 1 ft (30 cm) ("dinner plate").

Daliya mainly bloom February to March month in the Bangladesh.This flower color main red,whit,yellow, and pink and combination of red and pink color.Daliya flower is medium size and very charming and popular.Dahlia Flower bloom is so sweet and attractive.  

Banana Flower in Bangladesh

Banana Flower is the very charming flower in Bangladesh.This flower look like so beautiful and attractive.This flower local name is "KALA FULL" and this flower mainly create village place and any state place.Banana Flower look like "Polash Full". This flower color main red and yellow.Most of this flower combination of  two color red and yellow.
Banana Flower

Banana Flower mainly bloom  Every time in the Bangladesh.This flower are so beautiful and charming.Banana flower season rain month in the Bangladesh.This flower have no flavor  but this flower are so charming and nice.This flower size is long but small.Banana Flower mainly are not planted  but some place are planted this  flower because banana flower are so charming.

Cadamba Flower in Bangladesh

Cadamba Or Cadam Ful Or Codom Ful This flower Binomial Name is " Neolamarckia Cadamba".
Cadamba is the most attractive  flower in the Bangladesh or every country people love this flower.
Neolamarckia Cadamba
Cadamba is the seasonal flower, this flower bloom at rain season Bangla month is Ashar and Serabon andEnglish July and August.Kadam flowers are sweetly fragrant, red to orange in color, occurring in dense,globular heads of approximately 5.5 cm 2.2 in diameter.Cadamba  flower looks very beautiful or charming ,it bloom is so sweet.

Village people told that "Kodom Ful" is the  very beautiful nice, they take this flower
very easily and sell this flower higher rate because this flower mainly planted village house side or road site it is the very easily planted and they also take with wood  because this  tree reach up to 45 m (148 ft) in height,so easily they take flower with wood.Every village people try and  planted this flower tree.Cadamba is the very attractive in the Bangladesh village place.Cadamba flower mainly color combination of White,Yellow,and Red so this combination are looking more attractive this  flower.

Palm Flower In The Bangladesh

Palm is seasonal Fruits in the Bangladesh.Plam flower mainly Bloom winter season.This flowers is very charming in the country and this fruits are so beautiful and it taste is so good every person love this flowers and this fruits also love.
Plam Flower
Plam flowers Village name "Kul Ful" and Fruit name is "Plam"  Or  Only " Kull" This flower Bloom is winter and produce the fruits after 1.50 month.Plam Flower Bloom mainly December to January.Plam Flower is the very smallest flower but this flower are so beautiful and this fruits the so nice.Most of  the people love this flower and also love this fruits.This Fruits taste mainly good and some fruits taste are exceptional but this flower Bloom is so beautiful and show very attractive.This Flower color mainly white some time it show that combination white-yellow and some  time white- Blue.Plam planted mainly village area and village filed Or Village people house.

National Flower of Bangladesh

Bangladeshi National Flower Name is Lily or Shapla ful Nymphaea Nouchali.Lily is the very beautiful and charming flower in the Bangladeshi people. Every Bangladeshi people love this flower.
Lily mainly Bloom winter seasonal and this flower Bloom area is water place.This flower main name is Nymphaea NouchaliVillage people ask this flower Shapla or Nail ful.This flower bloom time is evening time to Morning time.Village child girl and boys collection this flower every morning.Lily color mainly is whit or combination of yellow color.Every person love this flower and buy this flower and cooking this flower stick.Lily stick the most attractive food into Bangladesh.Lily Bloom is so sweet and beautiful so every person love this flower and maintain carefully.  

Marigold or Bangladeshi Gada Flower or Red  Gada  is the very beautiful and most attractive flower in the Bangladesh.Marigold flowers loves are all of the world people.

Marigold is best flowers in world. This flowers are seasonal or Some are Annually and this flower mainly planted winter season form January to March.This flowers Binomial name is Tagetes Patula.This flower slam are very sweet,any country love this flowers and take any time mainly season.This flowers main color is golden color .

Gardening this flowers the plant is used in companion planting for many vegetable crops. Its root secretions are believed to kill nematodes in the soil and it is said to repel harmful insects, such as white flies on tomatoes.Marigold or Gada flowers planted a specific area in the Bangladesh mainly Village area.Village people know this flower and they told this flowers name is Ganda Foll. 

Rose is the king of flowers

Rose, any perennial shrub or vine of the genus Rosa, within the family Rosaceae, an almost universally distributed group of some 100 species. The great majority are native to Asia. Many are cultivated for their beautiful, fragrant flowers. These are commonly white, yellow, orange, pink, or red and, in wild roses, are borne singly or in small clusters. The flowers of wild roses usually have five petals, while the flowers of cultivated roses are often double.

The name rose comes from French, itself from Latin rosa, which was perhaps borrowed from Oscan, from Greek ρόδον rhódon (Aeolic βρόδον wródon), itself borrowed from Old Persian wrd- (wurdi), related to Avestan varəδa, Sogdian ward, Parthian.

Rose Magazine offers information and education on a variety of roses such as Climbing Roses, Old Roses, Shrub Roses, Modern and English Roses.

Tulip is a perennial, bulbous plant with showy flowers in the genus Tulipa, of which around 75 wild species are currently accepted, and which belongs to the family Liliaceae. The genus's native range extends west to the Iberian Peninsula, through North Africa to Greece, the Balkans, Turkey, throughout the Levant (Syria, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan) and Iran, North to Ukraine, southern Siberia and Mongolia, and east to the Northwest of China. The tulip's centre of diversity is in the Pamir, Hindu Kush, and Tien Shan mountains. It is a typical element of steppe and winter-rain Mediterranean vegetation. A number of species and many hybrid cultivars are grown in gardens, as potted plants, or as cut flowers.

Shimul species are among the largest trees in their regions, reaching 30 to 40 metres in height and up to three metres trunk diameter. The leaves are compound with entire margins and deciduous, being shed in the dry-season. They measure 30 to 50 cm across and are palmate in shape with five to nine leaflets. The calyx is deciduous, meaning it does not persist on the fruits. They bear five to ten cm long red flowers between January and March while the tree is still leafless. The stamens are present in bundles in two whorls, while the staminal column lacks lobes. The ovary matures into a husk containing seeds covered by a fibre similar to that of the kapok (Ceiba pentandra) and to cotton, though with shorter fibres than cotton, that does not lend itself to spinning, making it unusable as a textile product.

Most beautiful flowers in the world

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Beautiful Flowers Names and Pictures

Beautiful Flowers Names and Pictures: Flowers is the most useful things to us  and it's part of your life.If you are finding or searching  beautiful flowers names and pictures to know then without any query jump and collect the information on beautiful flowers names and pictures.

Beautiful Flowers Names and Pictures

Beautiful flowers is the loving sample in the world.We know that flower is the most attractive and heart touch element in the world.So every person need to know the flower names and pictures but in world have million's of flowers that impossible to know all the name of the flower.

The List of the 'beautiful flowers names and pictures'

Rose                                                      Tulip 

Kadom Flower                                      Marigold or Gada Ful

Apple Flower                                        Shulli Flower

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Apple Flowers is the uncommon flowers in the world

Apple flowers is the uncommon flowers in the world, but this is the really attractive and super 
beautiful flower in the Bangladeshi,India, Thailand, China and so on,Apple flowers mainly bloom in 
Bangladesh in autumn season.

Apple flower
Apple flowers color is white brown , size very very small,blooming season autumn ,smell very sweet 
and attractive,Apple flowers bangle name is ""জামরুল ফুল"" or Jamrul Flower.Apple flowers after 
some days create a very beautiful fruits ,this fruits have a two color one is white brown and another 
is white red , This fruits bangle name is ""জামরুল"' or Jamrul , and English Name is Love 

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Shulli Flower is the Most Beautiful Flower in the Winter Season in Bangladeshi

Winter season is very interesting season in Bangladeshi because most of people identify they are enjoyable  season of the winter time.The winter season main attractive flower is "Shulli Flower".Shulli Flower is the very charming and very enjoyable in the winter season. This flower looking very fantastic and super beautiful.Every people love this shulli flower.
Shulli Flowers is the winter Jasmine flower , This flowers have many name such as : English Name: Night-flowering Jasmine , Bangla Name: শিউলি ফুল / শেফালি ,Hindi Name: Parijat or also spelled Paarijat or Paarijaata Hindi another Name is : Harshringar.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Bakul phula or Mimusops Elengi is the most popular flower in the world .

Bakul phula is the most popular flower in the world.This flower are really attractive and super beautiful.Bakul phula or bangle name "বকুল ফুল" and botanic name Mimusops Elengi.This flower name is very sweet and hear is very interesting Bakul Full, Bakul Phula,Mimusops Elengi, or বকুল ফুল.
বকুল ফুল or Mimusops Elengi
Bakul Phula color is Brown and size is very small and bud is very small and look like Nuts .This flower flavor is so beautiful and super sweet.Bakul Phula bloom bangle season or month is kartik to Phalgun and blooming time every early morning.When Bakul full bloom then this flower provide good flavor and every night gives more flavor.

Bakul Phula mainly look in road side and village people house side. This flower tree is so large and wood is very hard and create a big wood tree.This flower tree gives us a shelter any harmful moment or any natural moment.Bakul Phula planted is very easy and simple way just dig the soil and plant the Bakul Phula tree and some time clear the any other tree and some time give the water.