Sunday, April 17, 2016

Apple Flowers is the uncommon flowers in the world

Apple flowers is the uncommon flowers in the world, but this is the really attractive and super 
beautiful flower in the Bangladeshi,India, Thailand, China and so on,Apple flowers mainly bloom in 
Bangladesh in autumn season.

Apple flower
Apple flowers color is white brown , size very very small,blooming season autumn ,smell very sweet 
and attractive,Apple flowers bangle name is ""জামরুল ফুল"" or Jamrul Flower.Apple flowers after 
some days create a very beautiful fruits ,this fruits have a two color one is white brown and another 
is white red , This fruits bangle name is ""জামরুল"' or Jamrul , and English Name is Love 

Apple,Wax Apple,Java Apple,Royal Apple and so on.This fruits test is very testy and sweet every 
person love or like this fruits because it is the very healthful ,This fruits have lots water that very 
necessary to our body.Wax tree gives us a very demand-full wood this tree leaves is very hard but 

This tree size is very large and create big wood and gives with many fruits in one time, This tree 
mainly planted in village place.We show that tree in the side of village house and most of the house 
have this tree and give beautiful  fruits and flowers.

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