Thursday, January 21, 2016

Shulli Flower is the Most Beautiful Flower in the Winter Season in Bangladeshi

Winter season is very interesting season in Bangladeshi because most of people identify they are enjoyable  season of the winter time.The winter season main attractive flower is "Shulli Flower".Shulli Flower is the very charming and very enjoyable in the winter season. This flower looking very fantastic and super beautiful.Every people love this shulli flower.
Shulli Flowers is the winter Jasmine flower , This flowers have many name such as : English Name: Night-flowering Jasmine , Bangla Name: শিউলি ফুল / শেফালি ,Hindi Name: Parijat or also spelled Paarijat or Paarijaata Hindi another Name is : Harshringar.

Shulli Flowers is the seasonal flower , mainly this flower bloom in winter season January and February. This flower color is white and orange and flower size medium and tree size is ling but medium.Jasmine flower flavor is so sweet and mainly this flower bloom in night time and every morning drop down this flowers in the land.

When Shulli flower drop down in land then some child collect this flower and they create nice necklace and they sell this necklace in high price , because this flowers necklace is very charming and attractive of every people and they love this flowers necklace.

Shulli Flowers planted is very easy and simple , when this flowers tree have a small then just collect and planted a suitable place and some time give some water and fertilizer.Must be take-care and protect the any animal then after some month this flowers tree are grown and provide the beautiful flower.  


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