Sunday, November 29, 2015

Bakul phula or Mimusops Elengi is the most popular flower in the world .

Bakul phula is the most popular flower in the world.This flower are really attractive and super beautiful.Bakul phula or bangle name "বকুল ফুল" and botanic name Mimusops Elengi.This flower name is very sweet and hear is very interesting Bakul Full, Bakul Phula,Mimusops Elengi, or বকুল ফুল.
বকুল ফুল or Mimusops Elengi
Bakul Phula color is Brown and size is very small and bud is very small and look like Nuts .This flower flavor is so beautiful and super sweet.Bakul Phula bloom bangle season or month is kartik to Phalgun and blooming time every early morning.When Bakul full bloom then this flower provide good flavor and every night gives more flavor.

Bakul Phula mainly look in road side and village people house side. This flower tree is so large and wood is very hard and create a big wood tree.This flower tree gives us a shelter any harmful moment or any natural moment.Bakul Phula planted is very easy and simple way just dig the soil and plant the Bakul Phula tree and some time clear the any other tree and some time give the water.

Bakul Phula Blooms mainly night time and every early morning drop this flower in the soil and child collect this flower and create a beautiful Chain that look very attractive and nice. This chain buy most of the people because this chain have most flavor and look very beautiful.

This flower mainly love woman because the use this flower of there hair.After using this flowers chain woman hair is so nice, for that Bakul full chain decorate every people house and there care.Bakul Phula fruit is very sweet , every child like this fruit.When Bankul Phula fruit is ripe then it look like orange color.

Bakul Phula tree and flower is very necessary in the people life and this tree's wood is very helpful int he every people life and use this wood ,make a good furniture that very demand-full in the society.


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